What brushes/materials do you use to create your work?

Let’s start off by answering the most common question.

I work mostly digitally for my professional work. When I’m on computer, I use mainly Photoshop CC for digital paintings with brushes from Kyle Webster. I use a Wacom Cintiq pro with this setup.

The other tool I use artwork is an Ipad Pro 12.9 with the Apple pencil. Drawing apps I use with the Ipad are Procreate and Artstudio Pro.

When I’m in the mood to create traditional artwork, I use between Winsor & Newton and Holbien brands for gouache paintings.

Are you accepting commissions?

I am not accepting commissions currently. When I time available to do commissions I will make an announcements on social media.

Can you illustrate my book?

All serious inquiries can be sent to directly to me or agent at studio@lemonadeillustration.com. Unfortunately, I don’t take on self-published projects.

Do you take requests/Can you work on a project for free?

No. I have bills to pay and like most professions I like to paid for my work. Drawing is not all fun and rainbows. Well,..it is fun but you get the picture.

Where can I buy prints of your artwork?

Please check out my Storynvy store! I don't list everything. So if you like something on my social media and it's not currently listed, contact me with the subject line “Request Custom Order” and tell me what specific artwork you want to see in the store. I can’t promise I’ll be able to list everything, though.

Do you do tutorials?

Not currently, perhaps in the near future! Sometimes I post time-lapse videos of my process on Instagram and Facebook, so make sure to keep an eye out for those.

Who are you influences/Inspiration?

I take a lot inspirations from the current children’s books and inspiring artists that are around now. I also do have a fondness for Mary Blair’s work and the Little Golden Books I grew up with. And a love for nature and the things around me plays a part too.

What do you do to keep yourself inspired? What do you do when you have art block?

Being someone who deals with mental health problems often, art block can sometimes happen more commonly for me than I wish. My advice is, don’t force out of art block! Just let it be. If you’re having an art block, so be it. Our minds need a distraction and find other activities. Go outside, travel, watch a movie, learn a new hobby. Having a life experience can sometimes be all it takes to get your mojo back.

Something else you can try to get out of art block are doing some drawing exercises. Like doodle the things around your desk/house for example or follow a drawing prompt lists. I use this doodle calendar everyday personally that you can get HERE

May I use your artwork for reference, wallpaper, icon, etc?

For reference, sure. But please re-frame from creating a direct copy of my work- that’s not how you learn! Just be sure to credit my work. As for other reasons, that depends entirely on what you plan to use it for. Please ask me permission first if you're unsure!